Divorce as a way to stop being nervous

No one will deny that a divorce is one of the most challenging and oppressive tests for which it is impossible to be ready. Changing the status, attitude to yourself, there comes an indeed crisis stage.

It is believed that divorce is a disgusting and unpleasant phenomenon in life. Yes, anything can happen, but sometimes divorce is the beginning of a new life. These are unique opportunities and new perspectives. This is a sharp turn, which can bring many positive events and qualitatively turn life over.

And in our article, we present you the advantages of divorce. It is precisely those advantages that we initially do not notice, and then sometimes ignore, having missed the opportunity to use them and enjoy life to the fullest. You can find your advantages of divorce, and you can pay attention to ours. But in any case, the benefits of divorce exist, and this is confirmed by many women who survived a divorce and started a new life from scratch, without any regrets about the past.

So the advantages of a divorce:

Divorce with your husband makes it possible to realize that your real second half wanders around looking for you and waits for you to free yourself from the ill-considered communication that you ended up as strangers to each other.

People say that it is a free woman, especially those who know the divorce, who is building a successful career. Not when the family takes all her time. Not when the woman still does not know all the charm of the family and seeks to get there as soon as possible. Namely, having been a family lady, often having been disappointed, some women understand that career for her is an exciting and desirable prospect. And the divorce gives her a chance to do this qualitatively.

Such a not always pleasant word “mother-in-law” may never appear in your vocabulary, and you are no longer obliged to build relationships with someone else’s mother, father, relatives, to please them and even serve them. Now you don’t care. There is no need to buy a bunch of gifts for the New Year strangers and pretend that you are very pleased. Yes, a lot of things are no longer needed. And this is wonderful!

Such notions as jealousy and treason will leave your life. Your psychological and possibly physical well-being will now depend only on you.

It is noticed that almost all women who have survived a divorce lose a little weight, unlike their family friends. Yes, and they become much better than in times of marriage. After all, now they have more time for themselves. And if you want to go on a diet, then you do not need to cook separately for yourself, and individually for your husband, and dripping saliva on the chop, chew vitamin salad, watching the spouse eat tasty meatballs and squinting with pleasure.

Now you can buy everything you want, and you don’t need to invent stories like you accidentally bought it for the low price or your mother gave it to you. You decide how much perfume, shoes or dresses you have. After all, it is not necessary to report to anyone!

If you have a child, you can now spend more time with him, because you have reduced the time for ironing, washing, cleaning, cooking and listening to your husband’s troubles at work. You can go to the park on Sunday and have lunch at the cafe. Or not to clean the whole month, and then together, amicably and cheerfully, sweep away all the garbage in one sitting. No one will scream at your child and call him a dumbass because he doesn’t understand the math problem. You will build your relationship with the child as soon as you see fit and proper.

You will have friends again. Women who are engaged in family life cannot afford such a luxury. The maximum that is available to them is friends of the husband or gatherings with another married couple. And it is okay if your husband does not stare all evening at someone else’s women or does not blame you, setting her as an example.

Now you can not dye your hair or, on the contrary, dye it in any color you like. You can go to bed as you want, watch the programs that interest you. Or you cannot watch it at all, but read books.

You can finally get a kitten or a puppy, or make repairs with outlandish design without consulting all the time, without adjusting to your spouse’s favorite colors or design preferences.

Now you can go to the pool, to dance classes and taekwondo at the same time, and no one will blame you that you are not at home in the evenings.

The advantages of divorce are that now you can live the life that belongs only to you. Do what you like and not do the opposite. You can change your place of residence or discover the talent of a writer in yourself. Remember, you can do everything! The main thing would be the desire to live your life fully and richly. But you have only one experience, so dare and do not stop at anything!

Rebuild the life and home space for yourself

If earlier you had to fly from work early to prepare your spouse a five-course dinner, now there is no such need! The whole house and all your free time are exclusively at your disposal. No scattered socks, dirty dishes in the sink or beer bottles on the guest table. You are no longer a maid who washes, cleans and cares for an adult uncle. You can spend your free time in books, movies or going to the cafe.

And according to your mood, you can arrange a rearrangement, repaint the wallpaper in the bedroom, fill the fridge with the most favorite delicacies, which no one will look at now.

Become independent

We will not be cunning. There were things for which the man was responsible in the family: screw the light bulb, clean the plumbing, hang a shelf or negotiate with the installers about a new piano. Now all this will fall on you, and at first, it will seem uncomfortable. What if the wiring burns out? What to do when something strange buzzes in the washing machine? A friend had an accident, and no one to console you. Calm down. Any skills are trained.

Very soon you will realize that you can do everything yourself, and even much faster than your ex. You no longer have to wait for months when your husband deigns to repair the leaking tank. It is much easier to call a plumber to solve a problem in a couple of hours and save a lot of nerves. Changing the faucet, sealing the counters, screwing in the lamp, ordering a new mirror in the bathroom is a matter of time and desire. But you are a capable student, you will learn all these skills, and you will respect yourself for it. Wow!

Learn to hear yourself and to deal with loneliness

After parting with a partner, it is foolish to run in search of a “new husband,” pouring a hole in the heart with liters of alcohol in a nearby bar. A piece of the soul has been torn away from you, and a burnt desert lies within you, so give your body time to heal. Learn to listen to yourself, your true desires, become your very best friend. Remember what you have long wanted to do, but continuously postponed due to lack of time.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for a massage course, visit Greece, try ice cream in a new cafe or take yourself to the snotty melodrama. Now no one will limit you in anything, spoil your mood with your whims or taste. The moment has come for self-realization. Now you have a chance to relax, to pamper yourself, to learn new useful skills. Sometimes it’s so refreshing to live not for someone, but yourself.

Go beyond comfort

It’s time to make your dreams come true. At first, this will seem uncomfortable, especially if you are a homemade girl who used to walk around everywhere with her husband and hide behind his broad back. But you need to overcome yourself and use any opportunities you have.

You will feel in your skin how you are separated from the former, that you control your life, and you are not a doll on a string, but are a person!

And over time you will learn yourself even better. You will understand what you want from life, what kind of man you are ready to see next. There will be no more fear and tears. You will become better, stronger, more beautiful and confident than before. And then the understanding will come that the divorce was not the end, but the real beginning!

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